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July 8, 2010

hooked on hooks

I’m wild about this Nautilus Hook from Aero Home. Fifteen dollars.

Mediterraneo hook. Thirty two dollars for two. Alessi. Throw in a splash of color with these modern coral hooks.

Branch hangers for twenty dollars (set of two). Container Store. Perfect for a modern mountain home.

Seahorse hook. OBX Trading Group. Such a steal at eighteen dollars.

Pectin Nobilis Peg. So many great items with shells to be seen at Pacific Shells. This little ditty is only thirteen dollars.

Starfish single hook. The Knob Store. Twenty six dollars. I can see a row of these in my entryway.

[Images via House Beautiful]

July 7, 2010

sea life wall decals

So fresh and clean. This decal from WallStar Graphics brings a splash of color and a refreshing look to a simple decor.

Joel McCombs and Paula Franklin of WallStar Graphics offer a  line of contemporary wall decals which add instant glamour to any room. Plus we love that the decals go on easy and come off easy without trashing your walls.

These featured are a mere forty dollars apiece.

July 2, 2010

a portrait of my sister

I was at the Colorado Spring’s Fine Art Center last night for a special event when I came upon a most fabulous portrait of a woman sitting. I thought, “how awesome would it be to have a portrait painted of oneself to be passed on?”

As a birthday gift this year I sent my sister this portrait of her. This 19 x 19 inch papier collé hangs in her living room. A fond memory.

If you were to have your portrait created: what artist would you choose, what style, medium, size, and so on ?


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