Couldn’t resist a picture of Miss Lola. Our 1 year, 4 month old newfie. 108 pounds. On a hike in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She’s as happy as a clam, chases her tail and thinks everyone is her new best friend. What a great life!  For those newfie lovers, Lola’s mom was a black newfoundland and her dad was a landseer newfoundland (that’s where she gets her speckled boots).  How does she relate to this site, she’s a sea lover at heart … but lives in the Rockies.

At thieves, I bark’d, at lovers wagg’d my tail,
And thus I pleased both Lord and Lady Frail.
John Wilkes (epitaph about Lady Frail’s lapdog)

This pretty keepsake is made by Oh My Dog-ness through Etsy.


  1. gjsnyderphoto

    Funny the things you come across on the net. I was searching “Newfoundland” the province and came across a dog. Of course being a dog lover I had to comment, Nice Dog!

    1. Thanks Greg. She has become quite a little trouble maker these days … she ate half of my birthday cake off the dining room table last week.

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