whoopsie wine

FRIDAY AT FIVE: Let’s say a wine bottle breaks in the case and stains the rest of the bottle’s labels, or if a winery changes their label design but has 100 plus bottles still with the old labels, or possibly a winery folds and is left with umpteen cases that haven’t sold? All this delicious wine ends up at the Accidental Wine Company.  They make it very easy to purchase and there is a variety of prices and grouping options.

What a terrific way to get wine at a reduced price. I for one can use a break on a case as we have a tendency to go through quite a bit of wine in this household — whether we’re popping the cork for a dinner party or bringing a bottle to a friends.  What a phenomenal way to build your wine cellar, espescially at 20-40% off.  Worried about revealing a messy label at the dinner table, pick up a decanter so no one see’s the faux pas.

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