NY NY : Pairing Art with Interior

Located in New York, interior designer Ingrid Matheu created a beautiful black and white interior apartment.  Black and white interiors usually don’t scream “comfy home,” although this design is an exception to the rule.  Ingrid offers a clean and simple bedroom design. We love the grey headboard and white linens accented with the perfect sized black lamp shades.  We would love to see art adorn at least one of the walls. Something feminine but not over the top, keeping with the clean lines of the room while ever so slightly warming the room just as the beechwood floors do.

Pairing this artwork below would give the room personality without overwhelming it. This particular piece is still in the works. It has many NYC references, such as an antique map/poster of the city. Old photographs of busy manhattan, textiles from the fabric district, amongst nature and images of Central Park. This piece should be completed in about 3 weeks. We’ll post it as it is being painted.

This is the first step towards compiling the papier collé. Creating an interesting combination of textiles, French Limoges porcelain sketches, china mock-ups, a glimpse of busy Manhattan, a swallow.

An antique map/painting of the City of New York.

A vintage photograph of a man teaching his dog to sit in “what could be” Central Park.

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