greenwoman zine :: a sage blossom

What a lovely surprise to have such a flattering article appear on the Greenwoman Zine blog today.  Miss Frances is very pleased to have been mentioned {it truly made her day}.

A Sage Blossom – Artist Nadine Sage

While Greenwoman Magazine Issue #1 features some beautiful art (thank you again Rachael, Paul, Jane and Kim), it is a first issue, done on a shoestring and on a more-than-slightly-frenzied deadline. Rachael Kloster created most of the illustrations–in her spare time (ha, ha–yeah, I know–just what IS ”spare” time-anyway?) between full-time mothering of a precocious (and precious) toddler, nearly full-time employment AND, on top of it all, preparing to enter graduate school. Her work is fantastic but she could only do so much.

I’m happy to announce that her work will be a part of Issue #2, but this time I’m making sure the load will be shared by a few more just-as-talented artists.

We took an exciting step in that direction yesterday when Zora and I met with local papier collé artist extraordinaire Nadine Sage. I had seen Nadine’s work last year (on an outing with Rachael at the Business of Art Center) and my heart pitter-pattered. I looked up her site but didn’t have time to try to connect. Then, two weeks ago, I described her work to a local reporter. The reporter knew her work, her name. Yes,” I said, “that’s the one, Nadine Sage!” It was time–I wrote her on Sunday.

She wrote me back immediately; we hit it off.  Zora and I met with her yesterday morning. Nadine is as lovely and fascinating as her work and, thrill of thrills, she wants to help us out with the next issue! As added bonuses (and, oh my, there are many), she’s a veteran print publication editor and a genius at technical design (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator . . . pieces of cake all).  She was able, in just a few minutes over coffee and tea, paging through Issue #1, to give us some valuable pointers. Then she showed us her studio and we met her trio of charming lady canine companions (including baby Frances, the mignon petit French Bulldog).

Not long after we returned home I discovered that on Nadine’s show-stopping blog(it features art, design and decor) she had posted a sweet note about Greenwoman Magazine! What an amazing woman and what fun. I am SO looking forward to Issue #2.

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