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toulet’s curiosity

Right up my alley. A welcomed boost of inspiration.

Paris-based artist Maissa Toulet’s Curiosity Cabinets are quirky little worlds encased in glass, where animal and people parts mingle with plant life and funny little objects.

While she discovered the shadow boxes and assemblies of American artist Joseph Cornell when she was a teen, it wasn’t until she was 30, after a stint as a teacher, that Toulet dared to arrange her eclectic jumble into her own presentations. Toulet describes her pieces as “miniature museums” in which each object has a place and is not interchangeable. Her newest ones tend towards story-telling.

{via design milk}

new collection :: decoupage

I’m working on a new collection of decoupage plates and paperweights. I’ve been trying for years, {seriously years}, to develop a process that isn’t so messy. I knew there had to be an alternative to Elmer’s glue. And “By George” I believe I’ve worked out a much better process and the outcome is superior. {even better than the last round, Tonie}

Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out some of the designs that will be donning these gems …

skull and crossbones :: wallpaper

via {beware of the moon} A terrific father and daughter wallpaper company out of Britain. Love love love it.

Per the John and Louise:

Depending on how full or empty your cup is, the Skulls collection symbolises death/rebirth.  It was the first wallpaper we set to work on  – a simple, hand-cut black velvet skull sparked a debate leading to the conception of this brand.

Skulls comes in a liberal range of paint finishes and effects, from understated National Trust tones and traditional flock velvets, to spangly glitters and iridescent inks that change colour as you walk past them. Designed to please the subconscious, subtle differences between the individual Skull motifs make for a superior repeat pattern, lending substance to the overall effect.



mirror fair :: functional art

I came across a father and son owned mirror company: Mirror Fair, New York City. Such exquisite craftsmanship.

Cavallo Inc. was founded in New York City in 1911 by Stefano and Louise Cavallo. Using their European background and contacts, they established themselves as importers of fine antiques and reproductions.

Stefan Cavallo, their son, became president in 1950, and began manufacturing, with skilled artisans reproducing antiques from the Cavallo collection.

Stephen Cavallo, the third generation, is currently leading the company in a new direction, custom mirror fabrication, installation and glass molding.

glamping :: out door living

Oh how I wish we had glamping when I grew up. We {seven children and my parents} camped for weeks on end every summer in Prince Edward Island. Those summers were ultimately my most cherished times of my childhood, although I sure would have enjoyed a little more glamour. If I heard it once I heard it a million times, “don’t touch the tent or it’ll leak.”




greenwoman magazine :: a literary garden

I’ve fallen head over heels for Greenwoman Magazine, an exemplary publication. Check it out {here} and see for yourself how delightful it is. Subscriptions are a mere $12.50, an absolute steal for everything you receive: a literary garden of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, commentary, biography, art and comics. A true labor of love by Sandra and Zora Knauf.

BUZZ:  “[Greenwoman zine] reaches the poet, the artist, and the dreamer in all us gardeners.”
                                                                        —Larry Stebbins, Colorado Springs, Colorado