Name: Lola Fizzolli
DOB: December 2, 2008
Star sign: Sagittarius
Job Title: Customer Relations
Ethnicity: Newfoundland (Lanseer and Black)
Likes: Walks, cool nights, and lounging in the studio
Dislikes: Having Miss Frances tell her “what for”


Name: Miss Frances Leroux
DOB: January 15, 2011
Star sign: Aquarius
Job Title: Executive Designer
Ethnicity: French Bulldog
Likes: Parading around the studio with her toys and watching TV
Dislikes: Coyotes and bobcats {now also mountain lions, oh my}

Ruby Circle

Name: Ruby Canoobie
DOB: June 1, 2003
Star sign: Gemini
Job Title: Angel
Ethnicity: Golden Retriever
Likes: Watching over us.


  1. Hi Nadine
    Your family has grown! I told my daughter about your blog, she is interested in starting one and she is as classy as you! I sent her to your site for tips. I am in Santa Fe, past 2 years, but just applied for a job in Sedona, AZ, same company. Waiting to hear if I got it. All is well otherwise, my second choice to move to is Denver so am applying up there too. Not feeling the vibes here but at least it was an adventure. My daughters name is Lindsey. My next dog is a French bulldog…..what a cutie. Take care

    1. Mary! So happy to hear you are well. Best of luck on your job search. Sedona or Denver, hmmmm. Sedona right now sounds like an excellent choice, especially heading into the winter months. If Lindsey wants to chat about blogging, always willing to share! Thanks for touching base, I think of you often. All my best, Nadine

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