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the love of trays

Trays are a favorite of mine. I have them throughout the house and office. Each tray is unique, organizing little gems I’ve collected over the years. Each tray tells a story or has a special theme.  Enjoy creating your own.

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5} Jayson Home and Garden

Sea Urchins All Around

When it comes to sea urchins, I’m all over it. Having been summer raised on Prince Edward Island I had my fair share of these wonderful beauties from the sea. So delicate. Seems that I have been seeing sea urchins all over the place this season. I can’t snatch them up fast enough.  From top: Sea Urchin Bowl from DiTerra: of the Earth, Urchin Terrarium from Anthropologie , Sea Urchin Door Knob from Anthropologie.