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take a moment :: relax

I’m a go-go girl … physically always on the run and mentally always thinking about what I have to do next. I read somewhere lately that it’s important to “live in the now.” That’s great advice, although I don’t think I can live every moment with that mantra, but I can at least take a block of time every day and just sit and contemplate. I asked my Dad while in Prince Edward Island this Summer why he was just sitting near the steps of the cottage and he said, “Just contemplating the World.”


leopard crazed

I’ve been crazy about leopard for decades.

Animal prints seem to make their way into my artwork as well as in my home, check out these fun items for your home decor …

This chair is for all you “cougars” out there. {Kartell of Italy.}

Washing my hands in this sassy sink would be a pleasure every day. {Vitruvit.}

This fuzzy wall sconce can be found at {city luxe}.