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new year :: new studio :: new focus

The New Year is here and therefore the resolutions begin.

I have several, one of mine is to refocus my artwork.

This new project [papier collé] is in the prep stage. The beginning process: I dismantle vintage and antique illustrations (license-free) and then meticulously reassemble the pieces until the original image is no longer recognizable. A new image is born.


pairing art and interior : old world library {bibliothèque}

There’s nothing quite like a day in the Fall spent visiting your favorite book haven. Books in leather bindings, antique tables piled high in unfinished work, sun spilling into the room revealing swirls of dust. Novels just waiting for their pages to be turned.

This papier collé on birch wood depicts the love of settling into your favorite library or bibliothèque. The “wooden nickel,” 14 inches square, 1 5/8 inches deep. Coated in a dense layer of clear gloss resin.

This original artwork is gallery wrapped on all sides revealing detailed illustrations of creatures of all kinds.

available here




stacking artwork

There’s something so relaxing about charcoal or pencil sketches. Precisely stacked between these two windows, we adore the draped curtains.

A series of crustacean illustrations, evenly disbursed on the wall. There are so many books nowadays that feature reproduction illustrations that are great for framing.

Black and white celebrity photographs adds a touch of elegance.

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