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a salute to my mom

IMG_8131 copy
On Christmas Eve, my life changed. My Mother passed away while I was caring for her. She was a bright star that shined over me each and every day of my life, and she will continue to do so. I miss her so, but I know I will see that sweet face of hers again. Sending lots of love your way Mom.

Pauline Sage – Mother of 8 children. Pip leaves a husband of 64 years, seven children, eleven grandchildren, two great grandchildren and one sister.

missing my mom’s apple pie

A little melancholy today. I just plain ol’ miss my mom’s apple pie.

Smelling the apples cook with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar.

She would let us roll up the left-over pie crust and sprinkling a little magic between the layers. She called them bun-ums.

My mouth is watering. Just in case you need a recipe, organic apple pie.

{images via atlanta homes, italian food foreversimply daily recipes}