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closet case :: use it or lose it



When I took the time to really think about how every single item I owned made me feel, I realized that an overflowing wardrobe brought me nothing but stress. Sure, I liked shopping and instant gratification of a purchase, but after that initial buzz wore off, what was I left with? Too many clothes and not enough hangers, that’s what. ~ Lucie Thompson

While looking for images to best visualize my ultimate closet, I came across this perfectly written article by Lucie Thompson :: I Purged 100 Items From My Closet & Changed My Life. Ladies {and guys}, it’s time to minimize.

the love of trays

Trays are a favorite of mine. I have them throughout the house and office. Each tray is unique, organizing little gems I’ve collected over the years. Each tray tells a story or has a special theme.  Enjoy creating your own.

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