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crazy busy :: creating

Over the last week I have been working late hours preparing for upcoming shows. Here’s a sneak peek of the new work available.  Don’t forget to stop by at the Commonwheel Art Festival in Manitou Springs this Labor Day weekend. Saturday through Monday, 10-5.

I have been working on a variety of different subject matter, here is a sampling of my black bird series.

Birds of a Feather, 19″ finished, framed. This piece is actually a mock-up of a larger piece I’m creating for a client. I occasionally work out imagery in a smaller scale before producing larger pieces on birch canvases which are resined rather than framed.  This piece actually was prematurely photographed, last minute I added more rhododendron to the upper edge of the piece. I’m thinking of keeping this piece for my own collection. We’ll see.

Crows in Blue, 19″ finished, framed. Papier Collé and Oil. I have been having a ball with these two black birds. They have captured my interest for months.

Black bird belt buckle. Resined for long lasting wear.

This octopus is from one of my latest pieces. Resined for a long lasting wear.

This belt buckle is from the same artwork as the octopus above. All belt buckles fit on a 1 and a 1/2 inch strap of which I carry in my online shop.

Coral and maps, what a fab combination.

The above buckles are available at my show in Manitou Springs, Colorado. I’ll have a hundred or so designs to choose from!

New York New York {completed}

I’m anxious to share this original piece with you. Featured earlier on September 7th while in production. A papier collé on wood. This piece wraps around the sides with decorative elements. It is two and half inches thick and coated in a thick resin. It is highly polished and (if I do say so myself) looks fabulous.