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pairing art :: modern ornithology

PAIRING_ Eagle Imperial

Image by Lindsay Nichols

We couldn’t resist adding, a slightly larger than life, Eagle Imperial above the fireplace of Natalie‘s MHM Living Room. We løve Natalie’s style and how she pulls together such a clean and earthy palette — adding just the right touch of green velvet, ummmph.

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feather in the night :: off the easel

Feather in the Night, 10″ x 10″, papier collé and oil, birch wood canvas, resined. Completed and sold.

Never a dull moment when creating a night scene, the process of creating depth with black oil pastels and trimming out all the stars and making them pop with gold metallic oil. Dreamy. ~ Nadine

in the studio :: a portrait of a Bavarian woman


Having lived in Bavaria for several years, this portrait of a woman from Southern Germany (ca. 1520 -1525) has captivated me. I’m excited to be including her in my next papier collé.

> For years I have wanted to incorporate gold leaf in one of my pieces, I believe now is the time. stay tuned.


cowgirls and cocktails :: fundraiser

A fundraiser worth supporting … Cowgirls and Cocktails. My hat is off to Cindy Fowler for her outstanding work. With the theme in mind: I created a few pieces that I thought would be appropriate. 25% of sales of these items will be donated to breast cancer.





New York New York {completed}

I’m anxious to share this original piece with you. Featured earlier on September 7th while in production. A papier collé on wood. This piece wraps around the sides with decorative elements. It is two and half inches thick and coated in a thick resin. It is highly polished and (if I do say so myself) looks fabulous.