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pairing art :: beloved gold antler + adobe living

fubiz natural antlers copy

living space photo via FUBIZ | artwork via SAGE+LØVE

Absolutely adoring this adobe living room, but we’ve agreed … it needed artwork. We have paired “beloved gold antler” with this clean natural space. Be sure to check out the rest of Alexandre de Betak’s abode. Note to self: remember the natural rock formations left in the flooring {here} … could make for a nasty fall in the middle of the night.

Antler Heart Image2 copy


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pairing art and spaces

We love the clean lines of this stairwell. The pop of blue makes us want to tear all the carpeting off of our steps and start painting! {apartment therapy}

Pairing this artwork with the blue stairwell space would be ideal. It screams beach house to us.


Another example of a great staircase. So clever how the center of the stairs is “not” painted. {apartment therapy}

Pairing this romantic, french inspired work would tone down the bright whites of this room while enhancing the wood elements throughout. Ooh la la.