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in the studio :: a portrait of a Bavarian woman


Having lived in Bavaria for several years, this portrait of a woman from Southern Germany (ca. 1520 -1525) has captivated me. I’m excited to be including her in my next papier collé.

> For years I have wanted to incorporate gold leaf in one of my pieces, I believe now is the time. stay tuned.


a portrait of my sister

I was at the Colorado Spring’s Fine Art Center last night for a special event when I came upon a most fabulous portrait of a woman sitting. I thought, “how awesome would it be to have a portrait painted of oneself to be passed on?”

As a birthday gift this year I sent my sister this portrait of her. This 19 x 19 inch papier collé hangs in her living room. A fond memory.

If you were to have your portrait created: what artist would you choose, what style, medium, size, and so on ?