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seventh sage : belt buckle line

We’re starting off the week with a new line of belt buckles. Back by popular demand, today’s feature is The Prince Edward Island Crow.

This buckle is made-to-order from an original papier collé.

the love of trays

Trays are a favorite of mine. I have them throughout the house and office. Each tray is unique, organizing little gems I’ve collected over the years. Each tray tells a story or has a special theme.  Enjoy creating your own.

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5} Jayson Home and Garden

setting a seaside table

Sea urchin bowls. Stoneware. Food and dishwasher safe. Forty nine for a set of two. Seaside Inspired.

Sea urchin salt and pepper shakers. Hand blown glass.  Twenty one for set. Seaside Inspired.

Sea fan tealight wraps. Thin metal which wraps around a glass votive candleholder. Wraps are thirty nine dollars. Seaside Inspired.

Sea urchin napkin holders. Sold individually at ten apiece. Seaside Inspired.

Linen sealife napkin set. Black linen with white embroidery. 14″ x 22″, set of six at seventy two. Seaside Inspired.

red sun in the morn

This blackbird has me captivated. A new piece for the end of the week. A papier collé, 19″ x 19″ framed.

Friday at Five: The Mar-Tea-Nez

1 oz Beefeater 24 Gin
1 oz Dubonnet
.15 oz Maraschino liqueur
Dash Angostura bitters
Dash Peychaud’s bitters
Earl Grey tea bag
Garnish: Cherry
Glass: Martini or Small tea cup
Infuse the gin with a teabag. Add other ingredients and ice in a chilled martini glass or small tea cup. Stir. Garnish with a cherry.

(via Liquor.com, Charles Vexenat)

Sea Urchins All Around

When it comes to sea urchins, I’m all over it. Having been summer raised on Prince Edward Island I had my fair share of these wonderful beauties from the sea. So delicate. Seems that I have been seeing sea urchins all over the place this season. I can’t snatch them up fast enough.  From top: Sea Urchin Bowl from DiTerra: of the Earth, Urchin Terrarium from Anthropologie , Sea Urchin Door Knob from Anthropologie.