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studio life :: sage atelier

studio1 copy
We couldn’t resist a few pics of the studio before embarking on a new canvas. The studio tends to get a bit messy when I’m feverishly working on a new piece of artwork … not to mention, while we are also filling orders for SAGE+LØVE. Franny, our Executive Designer, put in her two cents as usual >> giving a photo bomb a whole new meaning. Check out the BEFORE and AFTER pictures {click here and here} of the studio from years ago when we had to gut it {and yes, there was orange shag carpeting and white tile with aqua-green grout}.

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studio update – flooring

Love my new flooring. In fact, the tile isn’t showing very well in this photo. I’ll get a close up of it later.

Over the weekend I decided I hated the blue/gray paint and repainted the entire room, including the wood.

Will post once I get everything painted … a huge difference I must say!

Inspirational images … I know, it’s a stretch … but we’re getting there: