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glamping :: out door living

Oh how I wish we had glamping when I grew up. We {seven children and my parents} camped for weeks on end every summer in Prince Edward Island. Those summers were ultimately my most cherished times of my childhood, although I sure would have enjoyed a little more glamour. If I heard it once I heard it a million times, “don’t touch the tent or it’ll leak.”




Art Fair :: Booth

Tah Dah. My first art fair under my “belt” … so to speak.  It was a great success!

Picture above: Side view of my art booth. We had such a phenomenal sunny weekend.

Picture Above: Corner view of art booth.

Picture Above: Front view of art booth. It was an exceptionally hot weekend.

Picture Above: This cutie patootie is a daughter (4 yrs old) of the artist who was my neighbor during the show. She grabbed her lawn chair and moved right in. The perfect little assistant.

Picture Above: My darling husband, he made my first show such a breeze.

A special note: I was so pleased to see my friends come up and support the show. Thank you!


art booth :: take two

I have been working diligently on creating a new version of my art booth that I will propose to outdoor art shows within Colorado. Over the past several weekends I have hinged, painted, and lugged. I created the majority of the props by utilizing some nifty items found at Lowe’s. Please feel free to comment — I welcome your suggestions (both positive and negative).

the art of camping

Shellie Mitchell : Expedition Yellow Tent is a print of an original fabric on wood piece Shellie created. A happy little camper print. 8.5″ x 11″

Shellie Mitchell : This is an 8.5″ x 11″ print of an original fabric on wood piece. Good Night. Makes us want to camp, camp, camp.

Rachel Austin : We are completely loving Rachel’s original mixed media paintings. This one, entitled ‘Folly,’ is from a location on the map layered under the painting. A perfect size at 5″ x 5″, it has a thick, waxy texture.  A lovely painting of a bird resting on a tent in a thin forest of trees. Check out Rachel’s website for more information.

Rachel Austin : An original mixed media painting on a wooden panel, fine art print, limited edition. New White Tent. Check out Rachel’s website for more work.