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crow with a crown

crow with a crown belt buckle
crow with a crown belt buckle
I couldn’t wait to share this new belt buckle with you. I have to say, the crow makes me smile when I wear it.
The holidays are approaching so I’m busy as a bee working on artwork, new buckles and a line of home goods.
Each buckle is hand collaged with one of my papier collé and oil pieces. This one has rich turquoise and gold metallic oil applied.

art booth :: take two

I have been working diligently on creating a new version of my art booth that I will propose to outdoor art shows within Colorado. Over the past several weekends I have hinged, painted, and lugged. I created the majority of the props by utilizing some nifty items found at Lowe’s. Please feel free to comment — I welcome your suggestions (both positive and negative).

friday at five : caramel turtle cocktail


  • 1.5 oz Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka
  • .5 oz Coffee liqueur
  • .5 oz Espresso
  • .5 oz Half & half

Garnish: Cholive and drizzle with a bit of caramel

Pair with a plate of: Chocolate turtles

Glass: Tall


Add the ingredients to a tall glass filled with ice and mix thoroughly. Garnish with a Cholive and drizzle with caramel either on the lower inside rim of the glass or delicately across the top of the drink. Also known as the Caramel Latte from Van Gogh.

Speaking of yummy turtles … this little number is the perfect accessory for the occasion. {via sage atelier}

belt buckle fetish : fashion

We love the Fall and all the adorable outfits that go along with it. This particular ensemble is from anthropologie.

We added the belt buckle to her outfit. A handmade, made-to-order piece that is produced from Nadine’s artwork.

Ice Sea belt buckle is from an original papier collé and oil. 11″ square framed.

from glouster to the colorado river

From the sea rounded rocks of Glouster, Massachusetts to the river rocks found in the Colorado River.  This ring reminds me of both … and so many places in between!

Trevor Oneil makes seriously cool jewelry, not to mention his sensational furnishings and sculpture. Don’t miss out on this one.of.a.kind ring, made out of river rock and maple.  You don’t need to be a rock star to be able to afford this lovely piece of wearable art at just forty-eight dollars.

sea urchin ring

Don’t miss out on flaunting one of these beautiful little numbers while combing the beach. Oh so clever. Star of the East cleans each sea urchin, fills them with polyurethane foam and covers them with epoxy to make them strong and shiny. They used silver colored thread to adorn this sea urchin and a glass rhinestone in the centre to finish the piece. The ring itself is beautifully handmade of Sterling Silver (925).

Star of the East used a sterling silver bead caps to adorn this sea urchin which also adorns a beautifully handmade Sterling Silver (925) ring base.